Looking for Coronavirus (COVID-19) protection solutions for your office or workplace?
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Make your workplace a safe place for all employees and customers

We are living in truly unprecedented times, and our whole way of life and working is under constant change. With the Government’s recent announcement and relaxation of “stay at home” rules, businesses will now be permitted to open their doors and allow employees to come back to work where they can’t work from home. But with this, measures will need to be taken by employers to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike to help avoid the spread of the Coronavirus.

Here at Hampshire Commercial Refurbishment, we are committed to protecting businesses and shops across the South. Whether it be installation of screens in your shop, or desk partitions and dividing screens – we are here to help you to protect your staff, your customers and your business.

Relocatable Partitionings - Glass or Solid

Hampshire Commercial Refurbishment can provide a fully comprehensive selection of partitioning to meet any requirements, including Fire Protection, Sound Control and impact resistance. From the creation of a single office or breakout area, to the complete redesign or refurbishment, we can provide a solution to suit your requirements and your budget. We source our materials from a group of high quality manufacturers so we can offer a partition system to match all your performance and visual requirements.

Solid Partitions

Solid Partitions

Solid Partitions are generally created from a metal framework, overlaid with a single of combination of board to suit its performance criteria. The plasterboard sections can be finished and decorated to give a smooth uniform surface, or receive a vinyl and cover trim combination to provide a budget friendly option. We have numerous window and door combinations to make each project bespoke to your requirements.


Glass Partitions

Glass partitions can be used to give that feeling of “open plan” with added advantage of creating a private workspace. They will make a great addition to any workspace, to create meeting rooms or offices and these are all options that can be created easily and quickly. Glass partitions are available in a variety of options and for a range of budgets so are a suitable option for nearly all workplaces, allowing light to into all areas of your working environment.

Glass Partitions
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