Planning for the return to the workplace

If you are now planning return to the workplace HCR are on hand to help with following:

  • Space Planning – We can help with revised desk layouts, and re-designing or partitioning of shared social spaces to meet distancing needs.
  • Distancing Signage and Wayfinding – We can produce print, signage, graphics, banners and visual communication products. to help promote safe distancing in your workplace
  • Partitioning – Modular glass partitioning to enable segregation of desks where space is restricted.
  • Furniture – Supply and installation of additional office furniture to enable a less condensed working environment
  • Air-conditioning health check and filter cleans.
  • Sanitiser and Surface Cleaning Station – Protect your customers and employees with a sanitiser and surface cleaning station
Protect your employees and customers

Protect your employees and customers

With businesses across the country slowly starting to open back up, it’s essential to follow Government advice to protect employees and customers alike. Ensuring safety measures are in place will help slow the spread of the Coronavirus and help to save the lives of the vulnerable people in our society.

Screens, dividers, signage and way-finding measures are unavoidable in the UK today. Whenever you go to your local supermarket or shop, things are very different to what they were a few months ago and it’s companies like us that are the driving force in the installation of these safety measures.

We have spent the past few weeks travelling all over the South Coast designing and installing protection in a whole range of workplaces ensuring distancing and safety measures are in place. So if your office, shop, factory or any place of work needs COVID-proofing, get in touch and we can discuss how we can best protect your business and the needs of your employees and customers.

The workplace is changing

We are truly living in unprecedented times and things are going to be different for the foreseeable future. With the recent Government announcement that many people and businesses can now return to work whilst adhering to Government guidelines, now is the time to act and ensure your place of work is safe and compliant.

These changes can be quite a daunting task for any business owner, but we are here to take the burden from you, giving you peace of mind you are in safe hands. With many years experience in commercial refurbishment and construction, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure safety measures are installed correctly and quickly.

We are a friendly bunch, we don’t bite. We talk straight and are honest, only advising on what you really need. Call us today on 02392 667 610 or click the contact button below to get in touch.

The workplace is changing
Sanitiser and Surface Cleaning Station

Sanitiser and Surface Cleaning Station

The Freestanding Sanitiser Station and Surface Cleaning station is designed to be used in areas where customers or staff need to clean an item or surface bEfore use. This would cover items such as trolleys, baskets, door handles or any points where staff or customer physically interact with anything. The Sanitiser and surface cleaning Station is perfect for these areas and the station provides regular opportunity for customers and staff to clean their hands, surfaces and keep safe.

The Sanitiser and Surface Cleaning Station comes in a Standard or Premium option. Click on the links below to view the brochure: